Saving Zach

A Journey of Love and Light

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Hunter School



The Hunter School is a small non-profit therapeutic boarding and day school in New Hampshire that offers holistic and alternative approaches to helping young children K-8 diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers and Related Conditions.




A significant portion of Zach's healing process occurred during his enrollment at the Hunter School as he learned to master his thoughts through energy work in combination with the other components offered by this unusual school.




In January 2009, Michael Simonson brought a unique alternative program to the Hunter School for six consecutive weeks offering a different approach to helping children with ADD, ADHD and Asperger's syndrome. This "energy" program was documented on video by Emmy Award Winning Television Producer Adam Mosston, formerly of New York who is now residing in New Hampshire.




Michael’s approach is in sync with the fundamental beliefs and values of the Hunter School of non-violence, respect for all creation, learning to live in harmony with self, others and the environment. All Hunter School students are given these messages… You are competent, skilled and successful… You have talents and values… You are precious and important in the world.




The basic premise is that many of these children are misunderstood, that they are in fact “energetically sensitive”. As a result, these children are dealing with negative energy and thought forms that consume all of their mental energies destroying their ability to focus on this level. The overall focus of the program is to shift negative thoughts forms to positive ones, moving children from a place of fear and/or anger to a place of love and peace. Through understanding how energies work and the utilization of energy exercises and techniques, this program helped these children learn to take responsibility for their thoughts, thereby moving their consciousness from a negative to a positive place.




The energy pilot program is one of several alternative approaches the Hunter School has taken to assist the talented and unique children at our school to reach their academic, social and behavioral goals.