Saving Zach

A Journey of Love and Light

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About Us


It has been a long, difficult road over the past eight years as we have struggled to find the right help for my son Zach.

Diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder, ADHD, Unspecified Mood Disorder and Tourette's, Zach has experienced years of dealing with violent and negative thoughts that have perseverated in his young mind.


Zach is a sweet and loving child with a heart of gold. He has shown us all that it is possible to change one's thoughts from negative to positive.


By coming from a place of peace and love, Zach has been able to control his rages by using white light exercises and utilizing energy work to shift his consciousness.


The reason we went public with our story is to help other families struggling as we did by sharing an alternative approach to understanding these children that has worked for us.


Zach wanted to share his experience because he believes that he can be an inspiration and help other energetically sensitive children in the world.


We welcome your input and comments and we thank you for your support.


Laurie and Zach